On Saturday October 26 our Footprints Family came together to raise $650 for the Epilepsy Support Centre! As our third annual Halloween Bash in support of the Epilepsy Support Centre, this year’s party really stood out!

Why the Epilepsy Support Centre?

After working with students dealing with epileptic seizures over past the few years, I am so grateful for the support and network that the Epilepsy Support Centre (ESC) has provided for our dancers and studio to help us all become better equipped in helping and managing students with their epilepsy.

The Party!

The ESC sent Jayme Arts, Education Representative for our area, to our event to give a presentation to our dancers. She included information about what epilepsy is and how to help someone having a seizure. During her presentation Jayme dispelled some of the myths we often hear about epilepsy. For example, you should never put anything in the mouth of someone having a seizure or try to restrain the person who is in seizure.

After the presentation our dancers were treated to a special Halloween Dance Class with either Miss Lainy or Miss Kristen before pigging out at our Halloween Boo-ffet. We were happy to provide some nutritional ghoulish snacks as well as all the expected Halloween treats – from veggies and fruits, to the delicious monster cupcakes brought in by one of our dancers, our Footprints Fam sure was spoiled. After their snack our dancers then got to do some crafting and create some ultra cool Monster Puppets! The night then finished off with some spooky Halloween games and an extra awesome dance party!

Thank you!

Thank you for a successful Halloween Bash in support of the ESC. From our incredible staff and volunteers for making the night run smoothly. And of course, all the awesome dancers who came out and partied the night away with us. It was a great way to continue the legacy of our Halloween Bash!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this event such a success and continuing to support our dancers inside and out of the studio. Our ability to love and support our dancers and our community is truly what makes our Footprints Family so special.

To learn more about epilepsy and seizure first-aid check out the Epilepsy Support Centre’s website.

Much love,
Miss Lainy