Performance Team (Ages 5-18)

Footprints Dance Centre offers performance opportunities to ALL of its dancers!

Our performance team programs are built upon our commitment to community involvement and personal growth for our students. Dancers can participate in either the fall/winter or spring/summer session and tour Oxford County giving back to our community. Dancers will learn themed routines to be a part of a production to be performed at charity events, community events and of course for friends and family! This is an excellent opportunity for students craving a bit more time in the spotlight and the child who needs an extra confidence boost in front of crowds. We are welcoming and willing to work with all levels for this program!

We are proud to offer two sessions of our Performance Team:

Holiday Spirit Squad – September – December

Summer Sass Squad – April – Mid-August

Holiday Spirit Squad:

The Holiday Spirit Squad runs from September – December. This Spirit Squad is open to all of our recreational and competitive students. Students will learn holiday themed routines to be performed throughout Oxford County and area. Venues often include the Woodstock Art Gallery, various retirement homes and other holiday themed events. This team also performs at our Annual Festivus Party!

Summer Spirit Squad:

The Summer Spirit Squad runs from April- mid August and is open to all of our recreational and competitive students. Students will learn specially choreographed routines reflecting a chosen theme. This team will perform at various summer festivals throughout Oxford County as well as at charity events.

By Participating In Our Performance Teams Your Dancer Will:

  • Create lasting friendships
  • Give back to the community
  • Develop their performance skills
  • Become adaptable to the “touring life”
  • Gain confidence performing
  • Become an ambassador for Footprints Dance Centre in the community


All dancers over the age of five currently enrolled at Footprints are welcome to join our Performance Teams!
Our Holiday Spirit Squad performs at Annual Festivus Party and other holiday themed events throughout the community including charity performances, retirement homes and The Art Gallery.
Our Summer Sass Squad performs at the various summer festivals throughout Oxford County, as well as other charity events.
Yes. Dancers will attend extra rehearsals each week for each routine they choose to participate in. Fees are structured based on how many dances the dancer participates in. There are also costume rental fees for each dance. Dancers usually participate in two routines.