move with me program

Twinkling Tykes
(14-24 Months)

Twinkling Tykes Dance Classes are specifically designed for caregivers and tots aged 14-24 months to experience dance class together. Join us for a 6 week program, where you and your little dancer can bond through the joy of movement.

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broadway babies with me program

Creative Kids
(Ages 2-3)

Creative Kids is a specifically designed dance program for 2-3 year old tots to transition to experiencing a classroom setting in dance all on their own! At Footprints Dance Centre, our goal is to build the tot’s confidence as they transition from dancing.

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recital dancers program

Recital Dancers
(Ages 3-18)

Our most popular program by far, our Recital program offers dancers of all abilities the opportunity to learn dance technique in a fun and structured environment. This program runs from September to June each year. Dancers will learn the elements of their chosen style of technique in the first four months of class and then will continue to learn, develop and stage an entire dance for our year-end show!

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performance team

(Ages 5-18)

Footprints Dance Centre is proud to offer performance opportunities to ALL of our dancers. Our performance team programs are built upon our commitment to community involvement and personal growth for our students.

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exam program

(Ages 7-18)

Exams are the perfect way to provide your dancer with clear and measurable goals in their dance training. Our exam program is geared towards students wishing to make a further commitment to their dance training based in technical foundations.

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competition program

(Ages 5-18)

The competitive division is an opportunity for students wishing to pursue dance in a serious manner to explore various genres of dance. Our program not only provides top-quality dance instruction, but also creates an environment where students can develop…

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adult program

(Ages 18+)

The average busy adult hardly ever has any time to focus on themselves in their normal day, let alone relax and be social. Our Adult Drop-In Program will help you make the time though! We created our Adult Drop In Program based in our core values that dance is for everyone.

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