Teacups (Ages 3-4)

Our Teacup Dance Program follows our specially designed play-based curriculum created for the early development of dance and movement for ages 3-4. Dancers will learn the basic elements of their chosen style in coordination with creative movement to gain socialization skills and develop independence. By the end of the year your little dancer will grace the stage in an age-appropriate costume dazzling the audience with their cuteness and grace.

Our 30-minute classes will engage little dancers in age-appropriate activities incorporating props, storybooks, photos, drama, music and of course dance!

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Class Offerings

2020/21 Schedule:

Tuesday 5:30-6:00pm

Thursday 5:00-5:30pm

Thursday 5:45-6:15pm

Saturday 9:00-9:30am

Saturday 11:00-11:30am

Little dancers will experience the graceful world of ballet in this class. Dancers are introduced to the basic concepts of ballet including musicality, rhythm and coordinated movement. With princess crowns, teddy bear picnics and trips to the zoo to see how the animals move – your dancer will have an absolute blast!

2020/21 Schedule:

Thursday 5:15-5:45pm

Saturday 9:30-10:00am

This urban style combines both dance and music into a fast-paced and energetic class. Dancers will develop coordination, style and self-confidence in this exciting and cool munchkin class. Just wait till Miss Lainy brings the drums out to really hear that beat!

2020/21 Schedule:

Tuesday 4:30-5:00pm

Saturday 10:30-11:00am

This class offers a unique and high-energy approach to the wonderful combination of jazz and gymnastics we call acro. Students will be introduced to basic gymnastics technique in order to develop their flexibility, strength and balance. Exploring both dance and acrobatic tricks keeps students engaged, excited and eager for every class.

2020/21 Schedule:

Tuesday 6:00-6:30pm

Thursday 4:30-5:00pm

Little dancers will experience the exciting world of jazz and tap in this class. Dancers are introduced to the basic concepts of jazz and tap including musicality, rhythm and coordinated movement.

Dancers in the Daytime Teacup Program will attend weekly classes and perform an informal show in the studio at the conclusion of their session. Classes run in 10-week sessions throughout the year. There is no required dress code for the students in the daytime program.

10 Week Session Dates:

Classes will begin and finish the week of:

FALL – September 14-November 21

WINTER – January 4-March 13

SPRING – March 22-May 29

Class Offerings:

Twirling Teacups (Ballet) – Wednesday 11:00-11:30am

Tumblin Teacups (Acro) – Wednesday 11:30-12:00pm


Yes! All of our littlest Teacup Dancers have a required dress code that must be followed. We are happy to offer all dress code items in the studio for easy access and affordability.

We cap our enrollment at ten students per Teacup Dance class. Each Teacup Dance class is taught by a certified dance instructor with the help of a teaching assistant making our ratio 1 teacher : 5 dancers.

All of our Teacup classes are taught in our Studio Hope. Studio Hope offers a two-way mirror window where parents can view their little ones without distracting them from their dancing. We also often allow parents to view the last few minutes of class to perform the skills we learned that week.
For many of our Teacup Dancers this is their first class experience without a familiar grown-up. At the start of the year we allow parents to come in with their child to become more comfortable with the class. Sooner than you know it, your little dancer will be running into class all on their own!
All of our Teacup classes utilize our monthly payment plan option. This allows your little dancer to give dance a chance – without breaking the bank!