Senior Recital Dancers (Ages 15-18)

Our Senior Program is designed for dancers aged 15-18 looking to explore dance in a friendly and upbeat atmosphere. We create a welcoming environment for dancers of all levels of experience to experience dance and create long lasting friendships with their “footprints family.” Senior dancers are often invited to partake in additional studio programs and experiences such as our assistant program and holiday decorating party!

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Class Offerings

2020/21 Schedule: Tuesday 8:45-9:30pm

The “trick”-y-est of all genres, acro combines aspects of acrobatics and dance. Coordination, strength, timing and flexibility are all key components of dance that are focused on in acro. Exploring both dance and acrobatic tricks keeps students engaged, excited and eager for every class.

2020/21 Schedule: Wednesday 8:45-9:45pm

Ballet is the basis and foundation of all dance forms. Building from the fundamental basics of ballet, dancers will learn proper placement of the arms, alignment of the body and terminology while cultivating control, strength and grace of movement.

Dancers at the senior level are welcome to explore our Ballet Exam Program.

2020/21 Schedule: Thursday 7:45-8:30pm

Tap has charmed the hearts of many over its long history. Through intricate foot movements, tappers create exciting, percussive rhythm patterns to engage the audience. Students will develop rhythm, musicality and coordination through intricate footwork and fast-paced choreography.

Students at the Senior Level are welcome to explore our Tap Exam Program.

2020/21 Schedule: Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm

Jazz is a dance form with limitless appeal due to its energy, variety and vitality. Fast and upbeat, this dance genre incorporates large jumps and turns to form an energetic style all its own.

Dancers at the Senior level are invited to explore our Jazz Exam Program. 

2020/21 Schedule: Thursday 8:30-9:15pm

This urban style combines both dance and music into a fast-paced and energetic class. Students will be encouraged to improve their physical fitness and improvisation skills while having fun and making new friends. Senior Hip-Hop incorporates a variety of Hip-Hop styles in order to further develop dancers’ coordination, style and self-confidence.

2020/21 Schedule: Thursday 8:30-9:15pm

Lyrical and contemporary encourage students to put the emotions and story-telling abilities into movement. Incorporating elements of both jazz and ballet lyrical and contemporary challenges students technically to develop grace, strength, flexibility and coordination. Emotional commitment to the story portrayed through the movement is a must in contemporary dance.

2020/21 Schedule: Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

Students will learn about the history of the theatre through the kinesthetic experience of dance. Students will explore many styles of theatre dance through this versatile class and be introduced to acting techniques and improvisation.


Yes! All of our senior dancers have a required dress code that must be followed. We are happy to offer all dress code items in the studio for easy access and affordability.
The enrollment cap for our senior classes is 8-10 dancers per class. Keeping a small class size allows each student to have the individual time with the instructor in order to grow.
Yes! As educated dance teachers we understand the importance of structuring classes with age appropriate music, movements and of course, peer-aged friends! We will be sure to include challenges for our more experienced students too. It’s all about striking a balance.
All of our senior classes utilize our monthly payment plan option. This allows your dancer to give dance a chance – without breaking the bank!