Our parent and tot dance classes are one of our favourite programs to teach at our Woodstock dance studio. In the fall of 2019 we were fortunate to introduce our Twinkling Toes program for babies as young as 4 months to attend dance classes with their grown up. In our Twinkling Toes classes we use a variety of techniques to keep our little dancers engaged. One of our favourite techniques to use with this special age group is mirroring!

What is Mirroring?

Have you ever noticed when you stick your tongue out at a newborn, they will stick their tongue back out at you?

They aren’t being sassy!

This simple game is caused by mirroring neurons being fired in the baby’s brain. Mirroring neurons allow babies to imitate what they observe. Imitation allows babies to learn new skills and eventually understand the actions and intentions of other people.

Motor planning, abstract thinking and memory all involve the processing of mirroring neutrons. Efficient mirroring neurons contribute to higher emotional intelligence and the development of empathy. Check out this awesome article for more information on the science behind mirroring neurons.

Mirroring in Twinkling Toes Classes

Throughout our 6-week sessions together we gradually add mirroring movements to our explorations.  We also encourage you to mirror your baby’s movements during class as they interact with you or sensory props. By imitating your baby as they play, you continue to build a strong foundation for your bond and healthy relationship, while supporting their cognitive and physical development.

Twinkling Toes Dance Classes are specifically designed for caregivers and babies aged 4-14 months to experience dance class together. Join us for a 6 week program, where you and your little dancer can bond through the joy of movement. Contact us today for the most up to date class offerings and registration.

Interested in older age groups of parented dance?

Check out Twinkling Tykes for 14-24 month olds or our Twinkling Tots program for 2-3 year olds.