November always seems to be a month that goes by so quickly. With Halloween and Thanksgiving wrapped up and the Holiday season well on its way, its easy for November to get overlooked. However, we wanted to take this month and make it special for our dancers. This month’s intention is all about MOTIVATION.

Our monthly intentions are a way to shine a spotlight on the life lessons that dance provides. From creating special bonds between dancers and families, to gratefulness and a growth mindset – it’s our aim to highlight these life lessons to our dancers and dance families. After all, dance is not just about learning how to move your feet, but how to let your heart lead!

What does MOTIVATION mean to FDC?

Motivation by definition is the reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Motivation at FDC means taking a look at how our teachers motivate their classes, how our classes motivate the staff and what motivates our group of amazing dancers!


The whole studio came from a dream of a little 12 year old Miss Lainy who decided that she would have a dance studio one day. In my life I am so blessed to have so many strong and amazing women role models in my life.

My first dance teacher Miss Lilliane inspires me every day to create a classroom where each and every student can walk in and feel loved and appreciated just as they are. My competitive teacher, Miss Naomi, inspired me to continue to challenge and grow my own learnings as she continues to do. And of course, my mom shows me each and every day how to be a strong woman and take each day with new energy.

Professionally, the incredible creators of the Acro Dance Teacher’s Association, ADAPT and International Dance Acclaim programs inspire all of our teachers to maintain their high standards of education and accomplishment for our students.

And of course, the successes of our students on and off the dance floor inspire our entire staff. From seeing that shy little Twirling Teacup finally speak up in class. Or the Intermediate jazz dancer who eventually lands that triple pirouette they have been working for. The successes of our students truly inspire us to keep showing up and giving it our all every single day.

What’s the MOTIVATION Plan?

Over the course of the month we will host a series of activities and events for all of our dancers inside and out of the studio.

  • Intermediate and Senior Dancers! Come to an Afternoon of Inspiration at the studio on Saturday November 9  from 3:00-5:30pm. We will be watching “I Dream of Dancing” and creating our own dream journals to keep us motivated!
  • Our ADAPT Jazz & Tap Students will undertake their Mock Exams on Nov 16 to get motivated for their actual exam on Sunday December 1
  • Super Hero Dress Up week from Nov 18-23 will give our dancers an opportunity to show us what motivates them!
  • As a thank you for all of the incredible motivation you give us we will be having our 8th Annual Festivus Party on Saturday November 23!

I can’t wait to see what motivates each member of our Footprints Family over the course of the next month.

Dancingly Yours,

Miss Lainy