February is the month of love! With Valentines Day and Family Day packed inside, it’s no wonder that we have got love on the mind. However we wanted to take a different approach to this month of love. Because love doesn’t always have to be about romantic love. Love can also be about showing respect, acceptance and kindness around us. So this month we wanted to inspire our dancers to BE KIND!

Our monthly intentions are a way to shine a spotlight on the life lessons that dance provides. From creating special bonds between dancers and families, to gratefulness and a growth mindset – it’s our aim to highlight these life lessons to our dancers and dance families. After all, dance is not just about learning how to move your feet, but how to let your heart lead!

What does KINDNESS mean to FDC?

If you watch the news, or listen to the radio, it’s easy to be distracted by all the unkind things happening in the world. So we wanted to help our dancers learn how to be kind.

Kindness, to us, means having the ability to speak with acceptance and respect for others. To be able to brighten someone’s day. To include all of our students in various opportunities. To celebrate little moments. It means saying thank you to our students for coming to class today. And saying thank you to the teen dancer who holds the door open for the mom juggling three kids.

Kindness shows up in so many small ways all day long. Take a moment and appreciate it!

How is FDC Being KIND?

Kindness in the studio is one of our core values and beliefs. By treating one another with kindness and respect we allow for so much more opportunity to brighten the days of our students.

By being mindful of the ways we speak to and celebrate our students our staff hope to cultivate a studio of kindness. Years out of our own dance training, we may not remember the words our dance teachers used but we do remember the way that they made us feel coming and going out of the studio each night. It is our hope to bolster our students up to feel confident and kind when leaving the studio each night.

As the saying goes, “Throw kindness around like confetti!”

What’s the KINDNESS Plan?

Over the course of the month we will host a series of activities and events for all of our dancers inside and out of the studio.

  • Parents watch out for some Parent Appreciation Snacks over the next month! We are super excited to be able to spread the kindness around by purchasing our snacks from local bakeries we love like Two Guys and a Whisk opening soon!
  • Keep an eye out for our Share the Love Social Media Contest from Feb 11-16! Each day will be a different way to spread some kindness around to your own friends and family!
  • Watch out during our Love Week to see our staff supporting some bright pink local love sweaters from Be You Apparel.
  • Teacup and Tulip will be celebrating their birthdays this month and we are so excited to be celebrating with our 3-6 year old dancers!

I can’t wait to see how KINDNESS appears around the studio over the next month!

Dancingly Yours,

Miss Lainy