Wingman for Dance inspires empathy, compassion, kindness and most importantly, acceptance of all children regardless of any perceived differences. Each month in the studio we will be incorporating Wingman for Dance activities within all of our dance  classes. This month we were excited to explore different avenues of acts of service for our community

March’s Wingman Week: Acts of Service

In March, we explored various ways we can contribute to our community. At Footprints Dance Centre, community is one of our core values. We think it is especially important not to just give back to our community that supports us, but to also teach our dancers the importance of this kind of work. Our mission is to make all of our dancers better citizens of the world and this is one way we hope to inspire them to do that.

By giving without any expectations, dancers develop gratitude and kindness. Creating an organized plan for how dancers and the studio can invest in the community creates excitement, anticipation as well as responsibility for the upcoming events we will be planning together.

In each class our dancers brainstormed ideas of how they could help as an individual and how the studio as a team could help our community. Our dancers came up with so many great ideas!

For Individual Acts of Services our dancers brainstormed so many amazing ideas ranging from donating their old clothes, packing more environmentally friendly lunches and picking up litter in their neighbourhood.

As for Studio-Wide Events the dancers got even more creative! They brainstormed so many creative ideas for us to ponder on. From putting on a studio-wide BBQ, to a choreography competition at the studio, performing for the elderly and even a studio sleepover in support of a great cause in the community.

We certainly have a lot to ponder and plan to make our Wingman Event a HUGE success!

How Can Parents Help?

Discuss our studio’s plans with your dancer. Learn about what will be happening and why they are excited about the event. Ask your dancer how she/he feels about giving back to the community. For those dancers who want to perform individual acts, how can you support your child in this ?

What is Wingman for Dance?

Wingman for Dance is a program from Dylan’s Wings of Change, a foundation dedicated to the memory of Dylan Hockley. Dylan was one of the first grade victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Dylan was six years old and had autism. He could be his best when those around him would be his Wingman. You can find out more at Also, find Wingman for Dance on Facebook and on Instagram.