April showers bring May flowers. At least that’s what they say. But the same holds true at the dance studio. April can be a bit of a push-through month. As our Competition Team makes their debut on the competition stage, our exam students are finalized into assessments and our recital classes are pushing through to finish up recital choreography and start the cleaning process. It is certainly a time to put our heads down and work it out. This is why we thought AMBITION would be a great theme for the month of April!

Our monthly intentions are a way to shine a spotlight on the life lessons that dance provides. From creating special bonds between dancers and families, to gratefulness and a growth mindset – it’s our aim to highlight these life lessons to our dancers and dance families. After all, dance is not just about learning how to move your feet, but how to let your heart lead!

What does AMBITION mean to FDC?

April is a busy month at the dance studio. It’s the time of year when all of our three very-demanding programs make the final push. Whether you are a competitive, exam or recital student – there are goals to be met and dreams to achieve! This month we hope to “make it rain” so that we can enjoy and appreciate the beautiful flowers we have created in May and June!

For us at FDC, AMBITION is not just the “want” to achieve something. We aim to set goals with our dancers, individually and as a class, to help breakdown the big goals that our dancers have for themselves. Whether it be to qualify for the Competition Finals, beat last year’s mark on their exam or to put on the best recital possible, all of our dancers’ goals and dreams are possible. As long as we all put the time, energy and effort in to make it work!

What’s the Plan for AMBITION?

Over the course of the month we will host a series of activities and events for all of our dancers inside and out of the studio.

  • Our staff have been diligently working away on report cards for our students for this final term. Dancers will receive their report cards at the end of the month and see if they have worked their AMBITION in class.
  • In class students will be discussing their goals and hopes for their upcoming performances. Whether for competition, exam or recital we want to know and help our dancers succeed at what matters most to them!
  • Our teachers will be on a special lookout for AMBITIOUS moments over the next weeks to celebrate with a WOW card or special treat!

What’s motivating you now? What does your AMBITION hold? Where will it take you?

Dancingly Yours,

Miss Lainy