April showers, bring May flowers! That’s what they say at least. Let’s hope that this rainy start in April 2019 brings us lots of beautiful flowers for our Year-End Recital! April is the time that all of our Recital plans are finalized as well as  the new beginnings of our upcoming season for fall registration. With that in mind we will continue to keep you as informed as possible through the next busy months at the studio!


Our seventh official recital – Walking on Sunshine! will take place at the Calvary Church Woodstock on Saturday June 8. Please take note of the recital listings in the studio to know which show your child will be a part of. Further scheduling and time confirmation as well as ticket on sale dates and prices will be released mid-April. Please be sure to double check the Recital Order document posted in the lobby to ensure that your child’s name is spelled correctly in all of their dance groups.

Thank you for an incredible season thus far. I am more than proud of how far every student has grown this year. I am sure that you will be blown away by the progress of your dancers at recital!

Monthly Intention

This month’s monthly intention is AMBITIOUS. Throughout the month of April we have a few ambitious ideas to bring to life for our dancers. In the midst of Competition, Exam and Recital season – things can get a little crazy busy at the studio for our Footprints Family. So we want to keep everyone motivated and inspired to keep working their very hardest as we wrap up choreography for our recital routines, set examination syllabi and tackle two competitions this month!

Summer Sass Squad

Registration for our Summer Sass Squad is now available! We will be performing at various events and festivals throughout Oxford County this summer. If you would like to be a part of this great opportunity, please visit Miss Stacy at the desk. The final deadline for registration is April 30.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact the studio at info@footprintsdancecentre.com or (519)-532-4905. For constant updates  “like” Footprints Dance Centre on Facebook.

Coming events are listed below.

Coming Events April 2019:

April 1:  Fees Due

April 12-14: London Competition – We wish our Competitive Team good luck as they travel to London this weekend!

April 15: Late Fees Applied

April 15-20: Recital Throwback Week – Dancers are invited to ditch the dress code this week and reminisce over their old dance costumes! Don’t have an old dance costume? Dress up in your favourite Halloween or dress-up costume for class! **Dancers will also be receiving their Ultimate Recital Packs in class this week!***

April 19-22: Easter Weekend – The studio will be open Friday-Monday of Easter Weekend. Please let us know if your dancer will be away for Easter celebrations.

April 22-27: Wingman Week – Dancers will celebrate all of our Wingman4Dance activities over this week. We will also be accepting nominations for Wingman Recognition Awards.

April 25-28: Kitchener Competition – Our team is off again to Kitchener for the weekend. Good luck dancers!

April 30: Summer Sass! – Today is the final day to register for Summer Sass. Visit Miss Stacy at the desk for more information on our Summer Performance Team!

May 6: Tickets on Sale! – Recital tickets will go on sale.

May 24: Portrait Recital Photo Day! – All dancers are encouraged to attend our Recital Photo Day! Photos will be available for purchase at recital.

June 4 & 5: Dress Rehearsal! – Students will be given specific time and date per class for their stage time to rehearse.