March can be a very busy and crazy month. With the last of the winter weather holding on strong, the month can feel a bit dismal to say the least.  However at Footprints Dance Centre in Woodstock, we wanted to break up some of that yucky-winter feeling with a month of BRIGHT Fun! Therefore our monthly intention for March is BRIGHT!

Our monthly intentions are a way to shine a spotlight on the life lessons that dance provides. From creating special bonds between dancers and families, to gratefulness and a growth mindset – it’s our aim to highlight these life lessons to our dancers and dance families. After all, dance is not just about learning how to move your feet, but how to let your heart lead!

What does BRIGHT mean to FDC?

March can be a bit of a dreary month with the last of winter attempting to hold on, so we decided that we would lean into the spring vibes and offer our Footprints Fam something a little bit more bright and cheery!

Being BRIGHT in our day-to-day runnings of the studio doesn’t mean just hoping for sunshine on a Wednesday night. But rather to keep our students engaged and feeling positive when in their dance classes. Sometimes the brightness in a smile or the shine in a teacher’s eyes can make our students feel like they are seen and accepted.

What’s the BRIGHT Plan?

Over the course of the month we will host a series of activities and events for all of our dancers inside and out of the studio.

  • Kicking off our month will be our Fun in the Sun Dress Up Week! Dancers are invited to wear their bright summery clothes as we wish away winter and attempt to bring out the sun!
  • Watch out for clues to our Recital Theme Song for this year’s recital! You will have to use your brains and be BRIGHT to figure it out.
  • Our teachers will be on a special lookout for moments over the next weeks to celebrate with a WOW card or special treat!

Take a moment and appreciate the BRIGHT aspects of your month!

Dancingly Yours,

Miss Lainy