And just like that, the dance season is here! If you’re reading this blog post on the day it was posted, this is our first day of dance for our eighth dance season in Woodstock!

Last year we introduced the concept of our Monthly Intentions. And easy enough to say, it was a hit with our Footprints Fam! So this year we will be continuing on the tradition!

What is a “Monthly Intention?”

Our monthly intentions are a way to shine a spotlight on the life lessons that dance provides. From creating special bonds between dancers and families, to gratefulness and a growth mindset – it’s our aim to highlight these life lessons to our dance families. Dance is not just about learning how to move your feet, but how to let your heart lead!

For the month of September our monthly intention is ACCEPTANCE.

At Footprints Dance Centre we pride ourselves on maintaining our “small studio community feel” with our ever-growing dance family. With over 200 students enrolled (and still growing!) it is incredibly important to us that we maintain our strongly knit Footprints Family with our dancers old, and new. And that is why we decided that ACCEPTANCE should be our first monthly intention to start off our eighth season here in Woodstock!

What does ACCEPTANCE mean to FDC?

Acceptance at FDC means a welcoming of all dancers – regardless of how long you have attended FDC, what level of dancer you are or how many classes you take. Each and every member of our Footprints Family is important to us. We hope to provide opportunities for all of our dancers to learn, grow and leave their own individual footprints in our studio. By providing opportunities in and outside of class for our dance family to bond we hope to foster the community necessary to continue the legacy of our Footprints Family.

What is the ACCEPTANCE plan?

Over the course of the month we will host a series of activities, workshops and events for all of our dancers inside and out of the studio to highlight this theme to our dancers. Activities include:

  • Our Welcome Back Party! – We were super excited to see new and returning students on September 7 for an awesome day of face painting (courtesy of Mrs Sarah’s Face Painting), delicious drinks (Thank you to our friends at The Peachy Rooster) and delicious cake (from Two Guys and a Whisk)
  • Inter/Senior Movie Night – Our dancers aged 11+ will have an opportunity to hang out at the studio on Saturday September 28 from 5:00-7:30 to simply hang out, have some snacks and watch an awesome dance movie!
  • Wingman Week – Our Wingman4Dance Week is also themed around acceptance. All of our dancers will have an opportunity to participate in some bonding activities during our first week back to dance
  • Our teachers will be on a special lookout for students going out of their way to include others throughout the studio. They might just have a little WOW Card to say Good Work!

And we have a treat for you too! Check out our Studio Playlist! Something for you to play on your way to and from the studio!