On Saturday December 14 our Footprints Family came together to raise $300 for Domestic Abuse Services Oxford! As our second annual Nutcracker Night Out in support of Domestic Abuse Services Oxford, this year’s party really stood out!

Why Domestic Abuse Services Oxford?

Domestic Abuse Services Oxford is this year’s chosen charity for our month-long Fill the Sleigh campaign at the studio. Each year we choose a local charity to focus on. Domestic Abuse Services Oxford is committed to ending the cycle of domestic abuse and helping families make the transition to lives free from violence and abuse. For more information on the centre please visit their website.

Nutcracker Night Out Crew!

The Party!

All of our littlest dancers came to this fun night out. Parents were able to drop their dancers between the ages of 3-8 at the studio for an evening of fun for a donation towards DASO.

First our dancers listed to the Nutcracker story read by Miss Lainy. Then we danced! Our dancers created a little routine depicting the Nutcracker story! It was such a cute little dance! After we worked up our appetite it was off to the snack room!

We provided nutritional snacks as well as all the expected Christmas treats – from veggies and fruits, to delicious Nutcracker cupcakes. After their snack our dancers then crafted and created some adorable Nutcracker ornaments! The night finished off with projecting The Nutcracker movie in our big studio.

Thank you for Supporting our Nutcracker Night Out!

Thank you for a successful Nutcracker Night Out in support of the DASO. From our incredible staff, volunteers and assistants for making the night run smoothly and of course, all the awesome dancers who came out and partied the night away with us. It was a great way to continue the legacy of our Nutcracker Night Out!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this event such a success and continuing to support our dancers inside and out of the studio. Our ability to love and support our dancers and our community is truly what makes our Footprints Family so special.

Much love,
Miss Lainy