Our jazz and tap exam students were incredible on Sunday December 1! These dancers have worked so hard to master all of their syllabus steps for their jazz and tap exams. Our ADAPT Jazz and Tap Exams were a huge success! We are so proud to be able to offer all of our dancers the opportunity to work towards their dance examinations through the ADAPT syllabus.

The ADAPT syllabus was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Foley. The goal of ADAPT is to provide dance examinations that provide a strong, technical foundation for not just the pre-professional dancer but also for the once a week recreational dancer. This year ADAPT proudly celebrates its 36th anniversary and can be found in over 175 dance studios across the country as well as in the USA, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Our little Woodstock dance studio played host to Miss Janet Venn-Jackson as our ADAPT examiner for this set of dance examinations. It is vital to the examination program to bring in outside examiners to the studio to evaluate the progress of the students.

Having an outside eye looking into the studio is a great way for students and parents to feel confident that their children are receiving excellent dance education on an international standard. The outside examiners also provide direct feedback to our Footprints teachers to help guide and inform their teaching practices.

With Miss Janet’s incredible reputations our dancers were a little nervous and intimated for this special event. Nevertheless, they performed with all of the grace and charm that makes them such excellent dancers. Our students were adjudicated in various levels according to their abilities in both jazz and/or tap. In the ADAPT syllabus our dancers performed their set exercises with technical excellence and also showed how well they can perform under pressure when learning the unseen exercises.

At Footprints we believe that it is so incredibly important to give our students opportunities to learn about the greater world of dance and to connect their experience in dance to their futures. Dance exams are an excellent way for students to not just gain greater technical training but to also give them skills to handle high pressure environments like job interviews and performance evaluations. For more information about our dance exam programs please visit our Exam Page or Contact Us.