Our Competitive Team will debut their 2020 competition routines on Sunday February 23, 2020 at our 8th Annual Competitive Dance Showcase Performance in Woodstock. Our Competitive Team has been working hard all year to perfect their technique and make their choreography performance ready. We can’t wait to share our dances with our Footprints Family!

What is the Competitive Dance Showcase?

Each and every year our competitive students debut their new competition routines for their friends and family at our Showcase performance. This year Showcase will take place at Woodstock’s Market Centre Theatre on February 23. Showcase allows our dancers an opportunity to perform their new routines in front of a friendly crowd. This helps our dancers get out some of that first-performance anxiety.

Showcase is also an excellent teaching tool for our instructors because it helps our choreographers and instructors see how our dancers will perform under pressure. It also shows us what the choreography looks like in a stage setting. Having Showcase a few weeks before the first competition allows our instructors and choreographers time to make any changes that may be necessary before the dancers hit the stage for the big time.

And of course, showcase is a great opportunity for our newly minted “dance moms and dads” to get organized for competition. From labeling all of the costumes and shoes, to perfecting their eyeliner application – there are lots of things for the parents to practice too!

How Can I Get Tickets?

Tickets for our 8th Annual Competitive Showcase go on sale on February 3 at Footprints Dance Centre. The show takes place at Woodstock’s Market Centre Theatre on February 23. The doors will open at 2:00pm and the show will start at 2:30pm. The show will run for approximately 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

At Footprints Dance Centre we compete to empower our dancers through inclusion, acceptance and sportsmanship with their true dance family. Each year we are reminded of how our dancers embody this vision as we step into Showcase. We can’t wait to greet our competitive year with a smile on our face and glitter in our hair!

Here’s to a great season dancers!

PS. Find out why Footprints Compete in our blog here! Or to learn more about our Competition Program visit our info page!