Welcome back to Footprints Dance Centre for January 2020! We are so excited to be back at it. We hope that throughout the rest of the year you can trust Footprints Dance Centre to be a warm and safe place to inspire creativity, positive work ethic and self-expression. Each individual, whether student, family member or friend, is an important foundational member that will help to influence the structure of the studio for many years to come.

Cold & Flu:

Please continue to keep the studio informed with any absences your child may have as we continue to battle cold/flu season together.

Monthly Intention: Body & Mind

Each month of our dancing year will highlight one of those ‘life lessons’ that dance gives us. Dance is such an integral expression of the Mind-Body connection and we thought January would be great month to focus on it. At FDC we are excited to be starting 2020 with you with an emphasis on the Mind-Body connection! Throughout the month of January we will be putting together some events and ideas for our dance family.

Recital 2020 Updates:

COSTUMES: Students have been measured and costumes have been ordered! Please ensure that all costume fees and accounts are up to date. Check out our Costume Look Book mid-month for a sneak peek at your child’s costume for recital! Students will be trying on costumes as they arrive throughout the next few months.

REGISTRATION: Registration for our 2020 Recital will be closed at the end of the month. If you have any friends who you think may want to join, please encourage them to register before the end of the month! Once February is here we will begin work on our Recital Routines for our EIGHTH (can you believe it?!) Annual Recital!!!!!

RECITAL DATE: This year our 8th Annual Recital will be held on Saturday June 13 at the Calvary Church in Woodstock. We are planning to have 3-4 shows and will release more information when we get closer to but for now, book that day clear!

DIY Spa Day:

Our Intermediate and Senior dancers are invited to the studio on January 18 at 3:00-5:00 for a DIY Spa Day! Dancers must register at the desk in advance. The cost to attend the event is $5.00 (to help cover the costs of supplies). Can’t wait!

Important Dates:

Jan 1 – Monthly Fees Due

Jan 6 – Welcome Back

Jan 6 – 11 – Wingman Week

Jan 15 – Late Fees Applied to Overdue Accounts

Jan 18 – DIY Spa Day for Inter-Senior Dancers

Jan 20-25 – Bring a Friend Day

Jan 27-Feb 1 – Crazy Hair Week

Feb 1 – Monthly Fees Due

Feb 23 – Competitive Showcase

June 13 – Recital Day