This has certainly been an unexpected April for our Footprints Family this season. A normal April would find our dancers on stage at competition, our exam dancers getting an extra sweat in before their exams and our recital dancers having their final costume fittings and finishing up the last of choreography for their big show. Unfortunately with the Covid-19 Situation that is not what we are up to this April.

Instead, this year we have been challenged to find different ways to connect with our dancers while maintaining safe and healthy practices. It is during times like this that it is extremely important to maintain connections with your community and family. So we have created various opportunities for our dancers to connect with one another and their Footprints Family.

Virtual Drop In Classes

We are super excited to be connecting with our dancers on Zoom for virtual classes! Each week we will be offering 1-2 classes per age group in different styles. The schedule for the week will be released in your Sunday Footprints Family E*Blast and then posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages on Monday. To participate you will need to email the studio with what class and day you would like to participate in and then we will send you everything you need to know. We realize that every family has been affected differently by the Covid-19 Pandemic which is why we made the decision to make this a pay-what-you-can opportunity via e-transfer.

Quarantine Challenges

Each day Monday-Saturday our Facebook and Instagram pages will offer a unique challenge for that day. Challenges have varied from technical dancing like ‘Turning Tuesday’ to costume designing and colouring contests. Each day you can participate in these activities for free and post your photo/video with the hashtag #FDCKeepsDancing. Search the hashtag today to see what our dancers have been up to!

Facebook Lives

Miss Lainy has been going Live on Facebook Monday-Friday each week of the quarantine to bring a little fun to our dancers. You can always see the schedule for the week’s entertainment pinned to the top of our Facebook page and released in your Sunday Footprints Family E*Blast each week. Different activities have included baking cookies, story time, scavenger hunts and more! Each day the Live is saved to our Facebook Page so you can always look back and see what was going on if you can’t make it Live.

Princess Classes

Our Teacup and Tulip dancers are invited for Princess Class on Fridays from 5:30-6:15pm! We will have a half hour dance class with Miss Lainy and then be joined by a special princess from The Glass Slipper Company for a story and sing-a-long. If you are interested in joining in on our Princess Class please email the studio with your dancer’s name by Thursday evening and we will send you all of the information on how to participate! We realize that every family has been affected differently by the Covid-19 Pandemic which is why we made the decision to make this a pay-what-you-can opportunity via etransfer.

Something Silly

With all the hype around toilet paper during this time. We thought it would be cute, and maybe a bit cheeky, to pass along the toilet paper from dancer to dancer to create a fun video of our dancers! Check it out on our YouTube Page!

Covid-19 FAQ’s …

Q) Do you know when we will be back?

Unfortunately, an exact date is unknown at this point. Currently we are planning for the return of schools. As always this is subject to change as the situation develops.

Q) Is tuition due for April or May?

As we are not offering our in-person classes at this time we do not feel that it is right to charge tuition. We have created multiple online resources for you for free in your parent portal to take advantage of during this difficult time. All fees leading up to and including March are still due.

Q) How can I keep my kid dancing?

Feel free to access any of the materials in your parent portal! For more information on how to access your parent portal please feel free to reply to this email or watch this helpful YouTube tutorial!