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All Night Dance-A-Thon | Wingman4Dance Woodstock Dance Studio

Wingman for Dance inspires empathy, compassion, kindness and most importantly, acceptance of all children regardless of any perceived differences. Each month in the studio we incorporated Wingman for Dance activities within all of our dance classes. As the final culmination of all of these activities we put on an All-Night-Dance-A-Thon in [...]

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Happy Birthday Teacup and Tulip! – 3-6 Year Old Dance

On Saturday February 23 we celebrated the birthdays of our playtime pals, Teacup and Tulip! Our entire Teacup and Tulip Dancers were invited to the awesome birthday party to celebrate their dancing friends. From crafts and dancing, to yummy cupcakes, our dancers had a blast at this Birthday Party! A [...]

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Holiday Spirit Squad 2018 Preview | Performance Dance Team Woodstock

It’s that time of year again at Footprints for our Performance Team! Our Holiday Spirit Squad has finished their routines, costumes have arrived and the smell of hairspray is fresh in the air. It’s time for this year’s Holiday Spirit Squad to hit the road and perform throughout Woodstock and [...]

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$550 Raised for Epilepsy Support Centre by Local Dance Studio

On Saturday October 27 our Footprints Family came together to raise $550 for the Epilepsy Support Centre! As our second annual Halloween Bash in support of the ESC, this year’s party really stood out! Why the Epilepsy Support Centre? After working with students dealing with epileptic seizures over the few years, I [...]

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Summer Dance Squad Preview 2018 | Woodstock Performance Dance Team

It may be summer vacation but our Summer Sass Squad Performance Team has been incredibly busy preparing for their upcoming performances throughout Oxford County! Our little Woodstock dance studio is always so proud of the way our amazing dancers come together to create our Summer Sass Squad. Earlier we revealed [...]

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